M12 to RJ45 IP67 Cat6a 电缆 [Right Angle, Up] – 15m, 深绿色


Designed for robust operation in industrial environments, including environments where dirt, dust, and water are present. This right angle cable bends upwards towards the Triton label side. Compatible with all Triton camera models.



Model # LUCID CAB-MR-15M-RA2
Connector Type M12 X-Coded 8pin Male Connector with shielding (IEC 61076-2-109) to
RJ-45 male 8P8C with shielding
Cable Rating CAT6a – 10Gbit/s
Color Dark Green
IP Rating M12 connector is IP67
Cable molding is IP65
Length 15.0 m (49.2 ft)
Weight 658 g
AWG rating 26 AWG
Operating Temperature -25°C to 85°C

Cable Drag Chain Testing Specs

Bending Radius Moving Frequency Moving Distance Requirement
75mm 30 cycles/min 1m 600,000 cycles

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CAB-MR-5M-15M-RA2 Right Angle M12 Cable Ethernet