Helios Time of Flight (ToF) 3D 相机

Sony DepthSense IMX556 CMOS
0.3 MP 640 x 480 px
30 FPS
Model SKUs 黑白/彩色 镜头接口 GigE Vision 连接器 电源配置
HLS003S-001 黑白 集成 6mm S-mount 镜头(不可更换) M12 无电源
HLS-BUN-US1 黑白 集成 6mm S-mount 镜头(不可更换) M12 北美电源
HLS-BUN-EU1 黑白 集成 6mm S-mount 镜头(不可更换) M12 欧洲电源


订货型号: N/A 分类: ,


数字信号接口 1000BASE-T GigE, M12 X-coded
GPIO接口 8 pin M8 connector
光电隔离 I/O 接口 1 个输入,1个输出
非隔离 I/O接口 2个双向
电源要求 18-24 V through GPIO
功耗 12-24Vdc, Pavg <10W, 2.8A peak pulse current
芯片 Sony DepthSense IMX556PLR CMOS
快门 Global
传感器格式 8 mm (Type 1/2″)
解析度 640 x 480 px, 0.3 MP
像源尺寸 10.0 µm (H) x 10.0 µm (V)
帧率 30 FPS @ 0.3 MP (近距离模式:0.3 – 1.5米)
15 FPS @ 0.3 MP (远距离模式:0.3 – 6.0米)
尺寸 55 x 55 x 77.7 mm
镜头接口 集成 6mm S-mount 镜头(不可更换
重量 254 g
标准 GigE Vision v2.0, GenICam 3D
Eye Safety Class 1 IEC/EN 60825-1:2014
工作温度 -10° to 60°C
冲击和振动标准 DIN EN 60068-2-27, DIN EN 60068-2-64
系统支持 Windows and Linux
随附的3D软件, 编程语言 Arena SDK, C++, C, C#, Python
Range Data
Coord3D_ABCY16 4-ch point cloud XYZ + Intensity, 16 bits per channel
Coord3D_ABC16 3-ch point cloud XYZ, 16 bits per channel
Coord3D_C16 Depth map Z plane, 16 bits
Intensity Image
Mono8 8 bit per pixel monochrome raw image
Mono12Packed 12 bit per pixel monochrome raw image
Mono12p 12 bit per pixel in bit stream, monochrome raw image
Mono16 16 bit per pixel monochrome raw image
Confidence Data
Confidence16 Confidence map, 16 bits
曝光选项 Manual, 2 settings: 250μs or 1000μs
增益选项 Manual, 2 settings: High or Low
触发 Software trigger, hardware trigger, PTP (IEEE 1588)
档案格式 Binary .PLY file (via Arena SDK)
User Sets 1 default and 2 custom user set
工作距离 近距离模式:0.3 – 1.5米
远距离模式:0.3 – 6.0米
精度 Less than 5mm (0.3m to 1.5m)
时间噪声 Standard deviation less than 2mm at 1m
水平/视场 59⁰ x 45⁰ (nominal)
照明 4 x VCSEL laser diodes @ 850nm


Interactive graphs – please hover over the points in the graph to reveal precision numbers (mm)

Near Mode (0.3 - 1.5m): ± 5 mm
Far Mode (0.3 - 6m): ± 10 mm
Distance (m) Near Mode (mm) Far Mode (mm)
0.5: 0.69 0.53
1.0: 1.60 1.25
1.5: 3.11 2.24
2.0: 3.17
3.0: 6.81
4.0: 10.8
5.0: 16.8
6.0: 25.4

Test Conditions:

  • Target: White paper mounted on bar attached to motion stage
  • Helios camera: mounted on tripod with front of case aligned to stage zero position
  • Camera setting: Coord3D_C16 Pixel Format, bilateral filtering OFF, 1.5m or 6m operating mode, camera warmed up for 20 minutes.
  • Imaging environment: Room light ON during testing
  • Motion stage moved in 10mm steps, for each step, record 10 x 10 pixels at image center, 32 images
  • Accuracy measured as difference between motion stage position and camera’s average measured depth over the 10 x 10 pixels region of interest


Helios 3D Time-of-Flight 图纸
Helios drawings